♥ etsy review: MagicMiss ♥

11 Mar


I included Magicmiss in my etsy shopping guide a while back, and I placed an order with her too ♥

I decided to review the items I got!


Everything was super cutely wrapped in a white organza bag… and Roi (who runs the shop) wrote me the cutest note ever sealed with an alicorn sticker. Squee. There were also these cute ‘rockets’ candies in there… we don’t have anything like that in Sweden!


Here’s what I got; Bone hair clips, Pizza slice earrings, ‘No’ heart earrings, and marshmallow earrings! All are hand-sculpted from polymer clay and so so cute!


The bone clips are by far my favourite ♥ They’re quite large and made from unglazed polymer clay, and feel very sturdy! The clips are alligator clips (with glitter!) which hold your hair in place really firmly. This is good if you’re like me and want your accessories to stay in place when you’re fighting evil.


The pizza earrings were a gift, and they’re mega cute too! I love that there’s even a bit of tomato sauce peeking out from under the cheese. Being able to display my love of junk food in jewellery form is definitely something I appreciate!


The ‘No’ earrings look like those valentine conversation hearts (we don’t have them in Sweden so I’ve never tried one, but I love the way they look, especially if the message is rude!) and are delightfully cute. They’re about 15mm in diameter. I’ll probably be wearing these a lot, because ‘NO’ written on a pastel heart is pretty much my entire personality condensed!


Last but not least, the marshmallow earrings! These were a gift as well. They look just like those little twirly marshmallows! They’re uniform in size and colour and are delightfully dainty ♥

I really recommend her shop if you’re looking for some cute, unique accessories! Not only is everything beautifully handmade but they’re clearly made & packaged with a lot of love, too!

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2 Responses to “♥ etsy review: MagicMiss ♥”

  1. kurolace March 11, 2013 at 2:29 pm #

    love the bone hair clips and twisty marshmallow earrings!

  2. charnellegardiner March 11, 2013 at 2:32 pm #

    These items are so cute!

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