Five Things (I ♥)

25 Mar

Since I’m not coming up with any meaningful posts lately, I thought I’d start doing a regular, boring ol’ list post. A classic in the blogosphere, without a doubt! On my old blog I did “Things I ♥ Thursday” following Gala Darling’s trend. If you go back through my archives I’m sure you’ll find some old posts under that title! (Maybe it’d be fun for me to see what I used to like. Have I changed? Or am I largely the same?)

Anyway, I decided to start a series of posts under the name “five things”! Mostly because I’d like to keep it short and sweet. And these posts don’t have to be positive – I’ll probably be posting five BAD things now and then.
But for this first post, the theme is Five Things I ♥!

Without further ado, let the Five Things Post commence!

Lilien_Czech_Necklace lilienczech_tiara

I ♥ These blinged-out necklaces & tiaras from Lillien Czech! I found out that this website supplied the jewellery for Meadham Kirchoff’s SS13 collection through Rookie and was delighted to find so many outrageously tacky & beautiful pieces. The affordable price tag is just a bonus! My favourite pieces are the ones with big, pink stones… but the tiara with red crystals is close to my heart too. (how do you feel about big, sparkly jewellery? is it tacky or fabulous? or both?)


I ♥ the Square Face icon generator! This trend really caught on fast on tumblr, my whole dashboard is full of little square faces… I had to make one of me, do you think it’s a good likeness? There’s also a new icon generator that makes the square face into a printable papercraft cube. I haven’t tried it yet though! (the same site also has a pixel cat icon generator. Squee.)


I ♥ these paper gemstones from Minieco! Print out the .pdf on coloured paper, and with a little bit of glue and a LOT of patience, you can make super cute papercraft gemstones! I made a whole bunch in different colours. Maybe I can string ‘em all together to make a necklace… or perhaps even a chandelier? How cute would that be?

bordelle_tutu_waspie_Main  Gia_shelf_bra_front_1_large

I ♥ Bordelle lingerie!
This lingerie label makes the most exquisite items I’ve ever seen. My absolute favourite design (of anything, ever) is the tutu waspie (top left) and if I had that kind of money it’d be mine in a heartbeat. I love the way their items are so structured and luxurious!


I ♥ These pink pony sunglasses from Sretsis!
These sunnies are part of their SS13 collection and I adore them. Pearly-pink flip-ups with little horses on them? Very pegasister-chic. It’s like the Sukhahuta sisters (the brilliance behind Sretsis & Matina Amanita) know me. These are also fairly pricy and I won’t be buying them (I wish! Maybe they’d be a sensible investment if I actually lived in a country with…sunshine…) – instead I’ll be DIY-ing some fabulous shades for spring. Feel free to shiver with anticipation! I found these sunnies in the iheartokyo shop.

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2 Responses to “Five Things (I ♥)”

  1. Nayu March 26, 2013 at 2:00 pm #

    I really loved your “I heart thursday” posts, so I’m really happy you’re starting with this. And also, really cool new wallpaper for the blog!

    • Saffron Sugar March 28, 2013 at 11:27 am #

      Thank you! I kind of missed making them, too :) And I’m glad you like the new wallpaper! It’s a little misaligned (it’s hand-drawn so the scan got a bit crooked!) but I’m very happy with how it looks. I might make a colour version sometime in the future as well.

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