♥ Five Things ♥ Cosmetic Products I Adore ♥

2 Apr

Hey y’all! It’s time for another ‘Five Things’ post and this time, it’s about make-up! I’ve only recently become interested in make-up and about 6 months ago I rarely wore anything more than mineral powder and mascara. Times have changed. Here are my favourite cosmetic  products!

24/7 liquid liner perversion

I ♥ Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner in ‘Perversion’

Having only recently started wearing eyeliner frequently, I decided to buy both a liquid and a pencil liner to see what I preferred. I’ve heard a lot about how difficult liquid liner can be, and I still struggle to draw my wings on evenly. But I do think liquid liner is easier and nicer-looking than pencil liner! While my pencil liner (also from Urban Decay) is smooth, well pigmented and waterproof, I just can’t get it to look as crisp and nice as my trusty liquid liner. And sharpening it is tedious. And washing the pencil off is near-impossible. So liquid liner it is, and I’m so happy with this one! It’s pigmented, stays on all day without smudging and is easy to remove at the end of the day ♥

occ lip tar tarred

I ♥ OCC Lip Tar in ‘Tarred’

OCC products are well-known for their high quality and high pigmentation, but also for their interesting range of colours. The lip tar product is pretty much divine since they’re blendable and available in all the ridiculous colours I like (I’m so upset that ‘power plant’ is only available at sephora! I want it!!). That OCC products are all vegan is just a bonus. I use ‘Tarred’ mainly for blending with lipstick to darken colours and it works SO well! My favourite thing to do is blend it with Viva Glam Nicki II for a pale lilac-grey. It’s very dead girl-chic.

powder foundation 105

I ♥ Illamasqua Powder Foundation in ’105′

I wear mineral powder foundation as my go-to for everyday wear, but if I want to kick up the porcelain factor I apply some of this powder foundation over it – not enough for full coverage, but enough to lighten, smooth and mattify my face (good for greaseballs like me!). It also helps settle my make-up to make it last longer ♥ One good trick which you can use powder for is to lighten and prime your lips for a lighter lipstick colour. Using powder makes the colour stay longer, keeps it matte and most importantly, stops your natural lip colour from showing through your lipstick.


I ♥ Everyday Minerals Base in ‘Fair Neutral’

Like I said, I wear mineral powder foundation and I find it works well for my skin type (I’m quite oily!). I don’t like full coverage, so I can apply this in just one or two layers just to make me look more like a human being before I leave the house. Mineral powder also works as a concealer, which is handy. Everyday minerals makes affordable, eco-friendly and organic cosmetics and I really recommend them as an alternative to more expensive, conventional mineral make-up labels.


I ♥ MAC lipsticks in ‘Viva Glam Nicki II’, ‘Cyber’ and ‘Ronnie Red’

Having recently become addicted to lipsticks, MAC has been my go-to when I needed a new colour and I’ve been really pleased with my purchases! My favourite shades are Cyber, a super-dark purple, Ronnie Red which is a bright, blue-based red (limited edition, and the packaging is ultra cute) and the Viva Glam Nicki II which is a lilac. The formula and staying power varies, with Ronnie Red having the best staying power of any lipstick I own. Cyber is my go-to shade and on the days when I feel like it I wear the Viva Glam Nicki II but mixed with ‘Tarred’ like I said above. Unfortunately, MAC is very expensive in Sweden (A lipstick is $30) so I don’t indulge as often as I’d like.

What are your favourite products?

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One Response to “♥ Five Things ♥ Cosmetic Products I Adore ♥”

  1. Must Have Boxes April 4, 2013 at 6:47 pm #

    Great list. MAC lipstick is the best.

    - KW

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